Unique Fine Water

ANGELUS water was discovered in the 18th century and recognized as water with therapeutic properties. At first, water was sold to the public exclusively at the source. Later, the valley was one of the favorite summer vacation spots of the royal family, thanks to the uncontaminated landscape and the unique waters that these mountains offered.

Nowadays, the springs are undergoing a process of rebirth with a project that began in the 21st century and aims to restore the former splendor that only more than a century of history can provide. It is very light water, minimally mineralized and with a neutral taste that does not change the taste of the accompanying food. After being informed in the form of energy frequency, ANGELUS Water has a toning and relaxing effect on the human organism.

The bottle is inspired by the medicinal liquids bottle widespread throughout history and has a unique and exclusive design.

ANGELUS water is a product distributed strictly in glass, a natural and pure compound like water. Glass is an authentic material which guarantees the optimal maintenance of ANGELUS water’s organoleptic properties.

Tonification and Relaxation Effect

ANGELUS water is inspired by informed water, on which has been proven to recollects energy and even have the ability to transmit it. The principle of this waters’s activity is to transforming harmful negative body vibrations into healing positive energy frequencies.

ANGELUS water is brilliant water that is informed in a way that enhance all the already good properties of water, in something even better. It has been scientifically proven impact on the human organism by tonifying its’ vegetative system and at the same time providing relaxation of the stomatic system.

Scientificly Proven

ANGELUS water was tested and certified at the BION Institute – an independent, internationally recognized institute that deals not just with basic scientific and research work, but also with testing and certifying based on the principles of clinical investigation. The research and testing are based on an innovative approach that relies on measuring very weak radiations: this includes objects with an alleged energy and/or protective and/or subtle effect on people, water or space; as well as the effects of various (bio)energy therapies and healing methods. The expression energy effect denotes a very weak radiation, which cannot be sensed by conventional measuring involving standard instruments but still have an effect on the human organism. The research and testing were done in specifically designed and customized experimental conditions using measurements of physiological parameters.

Scientifically Proven Influence on Water

In the two experiments with two modifications, it was scientifically proven that ANGELUS water presented many statistically significant differences when compared to untreated spring water.

On this basis the BION Institute acknowledged that the product ANGELUS water meets all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Altered Water State Based on Subtle Field Treatment No. 0405.

Scientifically Proven Energy Influence

ANGELUS water showed a combination of tonifying and relaxing influence, validated in the testing of the energy influence.

Using the double-blind testing method, BION Institute proved there were sufficient statistically significant differences between the ANGELUS water and untreated samples of spring water, certifying the product ANGELUS water meets all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Energy Influence he Human Organism No. 0278.